Whole30 Takeaway

During the month of January, Bobby and I decided we wanted to try out whole30. If you’re not familiar with Whole30 it is basically a month long detox with clean eating. No added sugars, no dairy, no alcohol, no grains, no processed foods for 30 days. You can read more about the program here.

We (well mostly me) wanted to take on this challenge for a couple of reasons:

1. We both had developed some really poor eating habits

2. We both wanted to kick a few food addictions (for me it was candy, for Bobby it was soda)

3. I wanted to learn to cook more at home

4. I also like challenging myself in January. It helps to distract me from the deflating feeling once the holidays are over

This is not a diet. This is a challenge, and hopefully after those 30 days you will come out with a few good eating habits.

And I am here to tell you that was very true for both Bobby and myself. After 30 days, Bobby has successfully kicked his soda addiction (for now, at least). He even mentioned how different it tasted after not having it for so long. We have begun cooking breakfast at home EVERYDAY. I know that may not sound like much to every other household in America, but we never got up early, and especially not to cook. I found several recipes that I like to make for lunches to take to work. We both became way more away of what was in our food. I had no idea sugar was added into so much stuff!

We both felt way better on Whole30. We had lots more energy, there wasn’t that 3 o’clock wall at work anymore. We were sleeping better and getting up earlier.

Our last day was February 5th and I’ll be honest I miss the way I felt on Whole30. We started back to eating grains and dairy, and I went back into it a little too quickly. So, you could say I retoxed hard. My face started breaking out, I was bloated and honestly did not like the way I felt. So knowing that, we are now eating healthy (mostly Whole30 approved meals) throughout the week.

These are my most favorite recipes that I found throughout the month and still use: (click for the recipe)

Beef Stew

Tuna Salad

Cajun Skillet

Shrimp Scampi

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Chicken Salad

Instant Pot Carnitas

I also loved making sweet potatoes in the instant pot and add nutmeg, cinnamon and ghee (clarified butter) to them.

Tessemae’s Ketchup, the apple pie Larabar, unsweetened applesauce, and good foods avocado salsa were life savers.

These items were also life savers but weren’t necessarily Whole30 approved but were still in the spirit of the challenge:

Cassava tortilla chips (you’re not supposed to have chips from a bag, but these chips were grain free and corn free and saved us a couple of times from giving up)

MATI energy drinks (contains some fruit juice which you’re technically not supposed to drink butttt… it kept us from drinking coke so there’s that)

I would completely recommend this program if you are like us, trying to kick some habits or just looking for a restart. Granted there were some hard days, particularly early on. Because you are detoxing, so you may not feel great. That, of course, depends on how much your body was dependent on the things you are cutting out. Meal prep is huge and being mentally prepared at family or work functions is imperative. But it was totally worth it. I would honestly like to do it again soon.


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