White on White

Why am I talking about wearing all white right now? It’s not even memorial day yet!

This is why — Because there are no longer time restrictions on wearing white as long as you watch your textures, and now that the temperatures are getting warmer (at least they should be, it snowed here yesterday), you can start wearing the airier, lighter, white fabrics again.

I am going to take your white before memorial day and raise you an all white outfit.

and here’s how to do it.

I wore all white with a cotton wrap top and a pair of cropped frayed flares for a 70’s vibe. I would’ve loved throwing on my denim jacket over this outfit (but then there’s the whole all white thing I was trying to emphasize).

A few other ways to wear all white would be with a white denim skirt or a white denim jacket. Play with textures and shades, too. A cream knit would pair perfectly with white flared pants. Add some colorful accessories and see them pop off the all white background. I chose to add some orange tones, with my shoes and bag.


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