What I Packed for Our PNW Trip

It’s already been a week since we ended our trip in the Pacific NorthWest. I cannot believe it. It’s crazy to think about how long you plan for something and how quickly it goes by once it begins.

Since we are talking about planning, I wanted to share with you what I packed for our trip and why. I think the latter of those two will be the most helpful for you when you’re packing for your future trips, so let’s get to it.

First of all let me start by saying I am not an early packer. I wait until the LAST and I mean, the last minute to pack. But I still manage to get it done and here’s how.

one // I plan outfits around adventure days

I plan my outfits for our adventures (our plans for each day). Even if I was only going to the beach each day, I would make sure I had an outfit for what I was doing. So for instance, I knew we would be whale watching and canoeing Lake Louise (duh), so I made sure to plan out my outfits for those days first. Then I built our “exploring the cities” around what I already had.

two // I plan outfits around the weather

You obviously have to plan around the weather, which was actually a challenge this trip. We went from 80 degrees in Portland to 40 in Banff. Packing items that could layer was how I managed that feat. Make sure to always look at the weather and be prepared because it can always change. Just like how it wasn’t supposed to rain the whole time we were away, but I packed my rain jacket just in case. I mean we were traveling to the PNW after all. But would you believe it actually didn’t rain one time? But it did snow when we were leaving Banff! Crazy.

three // I stick to a specific color palette

I know you’ve heard me say it before and I will say it again. A defined color palette helps exponentially when it comes to creating outfits. They literally make themselves. Basically because everything can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. My color palette was black/white/tan/denim blue and as you can see by my pictures on Instagram, I really didn’t stray from that. It also makes it super quick to pack if you know you are only going to have a few colors to work with, which is why it benefits me so much considering I don’t pack until the night before. (Tee hee)

Everything I packed is linked below. Just click on the picture of what you would like to shop. 🧡

This darling clothing rack is linked down below too (or click here).


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