What I Do in a Creative Rut

I don’t know about you, but creativity does not always flow freely for me. Sometimes I will have an abundance of creativity like an avalanche of thoughts that hit me all at once. Then other times my mind feels like a dessert, parched of all creativity.

I am going out on a limb here but I am quite certain I cannot be the only one who feels like this – and with that, I am going to share a few tips on what I do when the waters of creativity run dry.

one. // remind yourself of your passions

This is YOUR WHY. If you do not know what that is then it’s no wonder you aren’t sparking creativity. Why are you blogging/designing/etc.? What made you start in the first place? Focus in on the why. Write it down and refer back to it when you need encouragement.

two. // remind yourself of who you are

Do you know the quote ‘be yourself everyone else is already taken’? I’m sure you do and as cliche as it might be, its the TRUTH! You were designed and created with a purpose, with talents that no one else has and with a voice that others want to hear. Focus on your strengths, those differences that make you unique. That is where the magic lies.

three. // clear your mind

Is there anything you do that helps to clear your mind? Reading, writing, going to the gym, going to a new coffee house? Mine has always been writing – even if it is just a few words because those few words can be enough to spark a little creativity.

four. // take a break from social media

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT scroll IG for inspiration. Just don’t do it. You know and I know that all that is going to do is open the door to the comparison game. Plus, this a big one – you do not need to be posting like everyone else. If you want inspiration, take a weekend and spend it in the library. Look at fashion/photography/art books – anything other than what is ALREADY trending on Instagram.

five. // think about your longterm goals

What are your goals five years from now? Are you working to make those happen or are you consumed with your most recent IG post not getting enough likes? If in 5 years you want to have a successful podcast then focus on what it will take to get you to that point. I doubt that your last IG post will have any bearing on your successes.

six. // allow yourself time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, amiright? And neither were the successes of all the ladies/gents you’re comparing yourself to. Nothing can be more helpful than a little bit of time to get yourself back on track.

seven. // run with creativity

When you do get yourself back on track (and trust me you will) RUN WITH IT. Write it down, make a note on your phone, make a voice memo. Whatever you can do, just make a note of all of your ideas. Keep them and refer back to them when you are feeling not quite so creative again.


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