Wearing Non-Maternity Clothes in Pregnancy

So far during my pregnancy I have tried my hardest to avoid wearing maternity clothing and get the most out of the clothes I already have in my closet. My reasons being that I didn’t want to invest in clothing I wouldn’t be wearing this time next year and also, I wanted to stay true to my style. Let’s be honest here, most maternity clothes do not align with my own personal style, lots of florals and colorful prints, you know the drill. Either that or the pieces I like are SUPER expensive.

So my goal throughout my pregnancy has been to use what I have for as long as I can and I wanted to share with you how I am doing it.

These have been the pieces that I have gotten the most use out of so far and all of them I already owned or either bought in my regular size and plan to wear when I am not pregnant. I am 26 weeks and so far I have been able to make it happen.

  1. Dresses – trapeze, t-shirt, or baby-doll, basically something with a lot of give, that are loose in the waist
  2. Elastic waist pants that are NON-maternity. Believe it or not you can find these almost anywhere. The two pair that I have are from Madewell.
  3. Leggings – duh
  4. Oversized button-ups, t-shirts and sweaters

Here are few outfits that with those pieces.

one //

two //

three //

four //

five //

Shop your closets, ya’ll. You’ll be surprised what all you have in your closet already that is forgiving and you can wear now. I hope this was helpful!


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