Velvet + Ice

Hi friends. So, when we had our first big snow of the season I wanted to get out and take a few outfit pictures given how they would have such a pretty backdrop. And let me tell ya, they did make for some really pretty pictures, but perhaps heels on ice wasn’t the best idea. I almost busted my butt at least twelve times. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get that outifit pic right 😉


I had been looking for a neutral scarf for a while and I finally decided to purchase this super popular Free People scarf, I’ve seen it on basically every blogger. I figured if they like it, I’ll like it, right? It is so soft! It comes in a lot of other colors too. I am currently eyeing the gold color.

I busted out my velvet pumps again — and almost busted my butt in them. I love these shoes. I am currently brain storming about the Valentine’s Day outfit I can create with them. Even though Bobby tends to boycott V-Day, he thinks it’s solely a commerical holiday. Anybody else have a man in their life that thinks this way? Well, nonetheless, even if I don’t need a V-Day date outfit, I’ll plan one for ya’ll instead.




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