Updating My Wardrobe For Fall

A fall wardrobe update is probably way past due, considering November is next week! But it honestly just started feeling like fall a week ago. And now that the temperatures are cool and the leaves are falling I am finally feeling motivated to switch out my summer clothes for my fall ones.

As the picture shows, my color palette doesn’t change much. Perhaps, my yellows become more golden and there is less white to go around. Although, I definitely still keep my white pants for winter! I swap out my sandals for boots and add my sweaters and coats, and those are honestly about all the changes there are.

And that is why I LOVE having a wardrobe color palette. It makes transitioning between seasons so much easier and I get way more wears out of each item that way too because they compliment each other. My closet color palette consists of warm, earthy neutrals, denim blue, and olive/sage green and it’s that way all year round. I made sure to find colors that I felt confident in, colors that I gravitated towards. You already have a base in your closet, you just have to weed through what you don’t wear and make additions where you are lacking.

There are a few additions to my wardrobe I have made this fall season that I am excited to style. One being my new knee high boots by Able via my local boutique Nest and a couple of duster jackets. One of the jackets is a lovely sage color (Nest again) and the other is denim from Madewell. Bobby says I look like a Canadian lab technician in my denim one 😂 But let’s be honest he is not the best judge for fashion.

What changes do you make when you transition your wardrobe to fall? Are there any new additions to your closet you are excited about?


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