#traveldiary: Nice, France

For our second anniversary, we decided to plan a trip to Europe during the last two weeks of September. We spent months trying to decide where to go, planned on country hopping and then ended up planning our entire vacation in one country, France. We had ten days and easily could have spent a month or more traveling about France, but we managed to fit in three cities during our trip. The first leg of our trip was three days spent in Nice.

Our first day was spent wandering the city, eating yummy food and yummy gelato.

The famous Hotel Negresco in the distance … in case you’re curious, we did not stay there. But we did stay at a lovely Hotel Ibis. It was a 10 minute walk to the beach and an excellent price!

One of Nice’s local specialities is fried zucchini flowers. Also, socca, which is like a pancake made with chickpeas.

Our favorite gelato stops were Amorino and Fenocchios.


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