Too Much Influence?

Truth Bomb: I have struggled over the past couple of years with how to best represent my personal style. I often thought that if I wanted to have a presence on social media then I would have to dress and look a certain way, post with a certain filter or style or I would never be successful.

Not that I am successful now, but I think I have finally realized that I don’t need to change or modify myself to reflect what is popular or what the most successful bloggers are doing. The best bit of advice I received lately was blog/post like you were already successful. So, I decided to ask myself a question —

Of the successful instagrammers/bloggers I follow, 

which ones best represent me and my personal vision?

  1. Kathleen of — I absolutely love how real she is. She is goofy and quirky and she doesn’t care to share it. You have to watch her Instastories, she makes me laugh constantly.
  2. Natalie of — Her style mirrors what I wear, basically all the time.  She fills her closet with neutrals, mostly from Madewell and JCrew and most of those pieces she wears year after year.
  3. Gabby of giftofgabbyg — She may wear a few more florals than I do, but she sticks to a beautiful, earthy, warm color palette in her closet and her personality shines through all of her pictures.
  4. Chelsea of chelseaasoflate — This is another gal with a bright personality that you can feel through her pictures. Her wardrobe has a bit more color than mine would, but all of her pieces are classic and her style is casual meets trendy. Which I think is the perfect mix.

Once I narrowed this down I realized how much I was being influenced by bloggers/instagrammers that I really had nothing in common with and that didn’t represent me in the least.  And let’s be honest, there are a lot of influencers out there — a lot of amazing ones at that. There are so many out there that do crazy, amazing things and just because I didn’t list them does not discount them at all, it’s just my mental reminder to make sure I am not trying to imitate them.

But, perhaps you are more secure in who you are. Maybe you have your personal style perfected and you really aren’t concerned about being swayed by others. And if you are then, congratulations. But I am just now getting there, if at all. So, with that I decided when I am in a creative rut, I am going to look to these ladies to give me inspiration, but inspiration that will remain in line with my personal style.



  1. September 6, 2018 / 2:09 am

    Courtney we love that you are being you! Lydia and I have chosen to do the same thing. We want our feed to be fun and show our personality. We have never been about selling clothes. So why should we try to “pose like a blogger” We are just going to be us and show of the clothes we like st the moment! So keep on doing what you are doing! We love it!

    • awesomeonoccasion
      September 7, 2018 / 1:47 am

      Thank you guys so much! Y’all are awesome and I love what you do!

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