The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: A Different Approach

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale seems to always bring mass chaos to the shopping world — a mad dash to get the hottest items as soon as the clock hits 3am that first morning, items selling out quickly and that dreaded email that says “we can’t complete your purchase”. In years past I have been caught up in the whirlwind that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, spending hours/days trying to successfully purchase all the hottest items and finding myself in a couple of months wondering why did I even buy this?

This year I decided to take a step back. I asked myself a few questions. If this wasn’t on sale would I buy it? Do I see myself wearing this next season? Would I buy this if I hadn’t seen said blogger wearing it?

When I asked myself those questions, I wasn’t as overwhelmed with the sale as I have been in the past. This time around I only bought two items and I made sure to stay true to myself and my style — a coat by JCrew and a pair of jeans by Levis. Nothing new there.

I even noticed myself deciding against an item I otherwise may have bought because I had seen it being swooped up and worn by countless bloggers. Does that make me weird? I just don’t want to be wearing the same thing everyone else is, ya know? Take home point is remove the sale goggles and ask yourself those questions I asked earlier. I think that’ll greatly help you with your decisions and perhaps ease your mind when you see an item is out of stock, perhaps one you thought you so desperately needed. And yes, this may not be the approach a blogger should take, but we got to be real (in your best Patti Labelle voice).

There is one other item I may purchase: this leather jacket

Although I am just not so sure I am a leather jacket kind of gal, so I’ll have to let that one marinate.


coat // jeans

Side note: I am very excited about this jacket. Color is on point! and my jeans are stretchy and cropped and just so happen to be the faded black wash that I am so into right now, so win, win!




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