The First Year

img_3157Bobby and I will celebrate our first year of marriage today. I cannot believe I am saying that. I don’t know where this year has gone but it has been amazing and difficult, all rolled up into the best decision I have ever made. We’ve had to learn a lot about each other; adjust our habits for one another. I’ve learned it’s not good to intentionally push Bobby’s buttons and Bobby has had to learn to deal with my anxiety ridden self. I had to overcome my fear of being a homemaker. I had an irrational fear of not being able to keep a clean house, preparing meals that would make us sick, shrinking his clothes in the wash, or turning his white shirts pink. I’ve become more confident over the year but goodness, it was difficult at first. But most of that has been outweighed by the good in our first year. We’ve become homeowners, traveled together, learned to love and appreciate each other for our true selves, the one that is revealed in the 24/7 that you spend with one another. I’ve learned to TRY to let go of the unreal/unattainable expectations and to be happy with the imperfect perfectness that true love is. Overall, I think we’ve had a pretty smooth transition, having a husband who loves you unconditionally helps with that a whole lot.

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This time last year it had rained for a solid week. I was absolutely distraught at the fact that our outdoor wedding was going to be rained on. Indeed it did rain on our wedding day. We had our ceremony moved, still outside, but this time with a tent. I was upset because I thought it wasn’t going to be as beautiful and that our pictures were going to be ruined. But the rain seemed to make it all the more romantic. There was fog rolling over the mountains and the lights from the tent gave the ceremony an ethereal feel. While the preacher spoke about God’s love and reign over us, it poured. I felt a sense of calmness roll over our ceremony and I felt then our marriage was being blessed. What a beautiful wedding we had. My most favorite memory was Bobby’s suprise for me. After our first dance he brought out his guitar and played a song he had written especially for me. Things like that never happen. I am so blessed to call him my husband.

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I am so thankful for this last year. It has been the best year of my life. I can’t wait for the rest!


Pictures: Nick King Photography
Venue: The Cliffs at Walnut Cove


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