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fall-blog-shots_9_9_16-055-psfall-blog-shots_9_9_16-062-ps2 fall-blog-shots_9_9_16-065-ps3 fall-blog-shots_9_9_16-052-ps fall-blog-shots_9_9_16-053-psHappy Monday! Guys, I am super excited about this post. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love sweaters, cool temps, leaves changing — all of these things make me so happy. And I couldnt wait for the temperatures to drop so I could do a post about my favorite sweater! And guess what? The leaves are changing and the cool temperatures have finally rolled in. So let’s sip some apple cider and talk about this outfit.

I love sweaters, all sweaters in fact. But this one from Madewell seems to be sewn with threads of fall. The color is so rich and warm and the details of the knit make my heart skip. I’ll be honest though, when I first tried it on its on the shorter side and I was beyond sad because it was so pretty and cozy and I was afraid I was going to have to send it back. Then I had a thought, let’s layer this sweater. Layers are what fall is all about anyways, right? Then it happened. When I saw this sweater layered over this button up, it instantly became my favorite sweater ever! I know it’s probably weird to get this excited about a sweater, but I just can’t help it! I wore it with my favorite pixie pants from J.Crew. These are like leggings on steroids. They are made with a thicker fabric which makes for a more chic look and they are still just as comfortable.

I could hardly wait to take pictures with this outfit. I loved it that much. It was super windy when we went and I have some pretty funny pictures of my goofy self trying to control my hair. Maybe I’ll post them for fun one day 🙂

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