Styling Black Overalls

My 90’s self is pumped about overalls being such a huge part of fashion again. Although, I will say I am not so sure I want to look like the fifth grade me again when wearing them. For that reason, when I tried a pair of denim short-alls, I wasn’t a huge fan. I didn’t give up on the trend, though. I took a chance and tried a pair of black overalls. Verdict: I love them and they are now a huge staple in my fall closet. To me a black pair looks fresh and hip and is completely in line with my style.

They are super easy to style, too. Throw them over a lacy top or a fun floral top, add a cardigan or coat as we get further into fall. I think that’s why I love them so much, because the style options are unending — and they bring so much personality to your outfit. Plus, the pair I love happens to be on sale! (Basically everything I’m wearing is either on sale at Madewell or JCrew)

This is the pair I’m wearing


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