Styling a Denim Jacket 4 Ways

There are certain items in your closet that are essential, that are a constant despite the ever evolving world of fashion.

One of those items in my closet is a denim jacket.

I’ll just leave this right here – the first documented denim jacket was in 1880 by Levi Strauss.

It’s stuck around this long for a reason – because it transcends all styles! Form steampunk to preppy, everyone wears them. And I am excited to share with you a few classic + easy ways I have styled mine.

one // All Black

I love throwing a denim jacket over all black and this outfit is no exception. Not only is it timeless, but it is outfit is VERY easy. It’s just a simple black tee, black denim and a bandana to add a little flair. You could also do a black dress or jumpsuit for the same effect.

two // Canadian Tuxedo

You can’t style a denim jacket without at least trying a Canadian tuxedo. Denim on denim is just too good to pass up. (JT and Britney Spears agree, remember that photo 😂) When I style my Canadian Tuxedo, I like adding a bandana or a hat.

three // Mini skirt

A fun colored mini and a striped top complete this outfit. This is my “I want to do fall, but it’s still 85 degrees out” outfit. 😅

four // Workwear

A denim jacket is one of the easiest ways to layer for work. I don’t know if your workplace is like mine but the temperature is never consistent. It’s freezing one minute and then hot the next. So, the thing I do is throw a denim jacket over my work outfit.

I could keep going with more outfits, but I might break the internet. Hopefully these four will give you a little inspo for styling your denim jacket. And if you don’t have one, get one!!


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