Styling a Belt Bag

Let’s just go ahead and address the elephant in the room – we all cannot believe that fanny packs – aka belt-bags – are back in style. I know I can’t. My 6th grade self is so proud right now.

The even crazier thing – I am actually here for the belt bag. I dig them. And I am having a hard time admitting that. My mind just keeps flashing back to a picture of my 6th grad class trip, where I am wearing a fanny pack, a bucket hat and white socks passed my ankles.

I think we all have to admit too, that there has been quite the dramatic makeover for the belt-bags of today compared to the nylon/velcro situation happening circa 2000.

The one I have (that I love) is a leather one from Madewell and the cool thing is it’s actually a belt. Which adds a nice touch. I should have sized down to a small from a medium (which I am usually a medium in belts, so not so sure about that), so just keep that in mind. There is an extremely similar one from Target too (click here) for half the price.

Here are a few ways I am styling mine.

For jumpsuit click here

Maybe you’re eyes have been opened to the possibilites of a belt-bag now? I’ll be honest I was like nope – until I bought mine. Now I love it and can’t understand why it took me so long. But maybe I’m just behind the times and you’re already on board? Either way, cheers to belt bags and the 90’s being back in style.


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