Stripes + Herringbone


I know that I have mentioned that I love pattern mixing before but to be honest I had completly forgotten about this pattern combo until I dragged my trusty herringbone vest out the other day when it finally decided to be winter. I love this combination! These two patterns were made for each other.

 855   852-ps

Considering that this is probably one of my most favorite outfits ever, I couldn’t wait to share that basically all of it is on sale! This vest is sold out at JCrew but you can get the factory version for less than $50, what?! Plus my pants and striped tissue turtleneck are 40% off. The entire J.Crew website is 40% off right now, that has never happened before! So what I am trying to say here is start your Black Friday shopping early!

   868     866-ps

Happy Turkey Day eve my friends!


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