Spring 10×10 Challenge Outfit Roundup

It has already been a week since I completed my 10×10 challenge and I wanted to do an outfit recap for you guys. I learned a lot from this challenge, which you can read all about here. Mostly that I have way too many clothes and that I am missing quite a few key versatile pieces.

If you haven’t hear about a 10×10 challenge, the rough and dirty version is that you use 10 items over 10 days to create 10 outfits. I will add that I did not count shoes or accessories in my 10 items.

I’ve linked all of my pieces from each of my looks down below. (If you’re interested in an item – click the word, it is hyperlinked. For example – if you want to see the shoes from look one, click shoes.) If it’s not exactly the same item, I have listed similar beside it.

Here are all of my looks

Look one // top // jeans // shoes (similar) // belt (similar) // bag

Look two // top // sweater (similar) // jeans // shoes // bag (similar)

Look three // jacket // shirt // pants // shoes (similar) // bag

Look four // jacket // shirt // jeans // belt (similar) // shoes // bag (similar)

Look five // trench coat (similar) // shirt // pants // shoes

Look six // sweater // shirt // jeans // belt (similar) // shoes (similar) // bag

Look seven // coat (similar) // dress // shoes (similar)

Look eight // shirt // jeans // bag // belt (similar) // shoes

Look nine // sweater // shirt // belt (similar) // jeans // shoes

Look ten // dress // jacket // shoes

And there you have it my friends, my spring 10×10 looks. Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear.


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