Show Off Your Closet Recap

This past week I joined in on my very first closet challenge. This particular challenged was called the Show Off Your Closet challenge with the goal of sharing pieces throughout the week from your own closet. Nothing new required, no capsule necessary, just highlighting a different piece each day.

I really enjoyed this challenge too, it was super simple and manageable and a good one for a first-timer. Here are my looks from each day.

My biggest takeaways:

  1. Challenges like this really test your personal style. You’re forced to use what you already have, perhaps items you haven’t worn in a while and style them, hopefully, in new ways. You may find out your closet isn’t as strong as you thought or maybe your closet is better than you realized!
  2. There is a lot in my closet that I had forgotten about and I am going to try to do a better job of wearing all the pieces in my closet.
  3. Pairing new pieces or styling a piece a new way is fun! And can get you out of a style rut, if you’re in one.
  4. No piece of clothing is only worth one wear (except maybe your wedding dress), plain and simple. Even special occasions pieces can be accessorized or styled differently.

I truly did enjoy this challenge and I am taking away so much to hopefully help me make the most out of my closet. Which look was your favorite?


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