Second Trimester

Tomorrow will begin my third trimester, that means 12 weeks until baby people!! Everyone says that time flies when you’re pregnant and I have to say so far that is quite true.

These last three months have been great, which also confirms what everyone says. The second trimester is when you feel and look your best. You’re still in the “awww look at that cute bump” stage. So I am a bit nervous for what the next three months holds.

I feel like I have had it pretty easy so far and I count myself very lucky. The only major thing going on right now are my ankles beginning to swell – mildly I might add (woohoo compression socks!). That and my belly stretching, which isn’t exactly comfortable.

I never told you guys about when I surprised my family with the news we were pregnant! I waited until we were about 14 weeks along and told everyone on Mother’s Day. I wanted to wait as long as possible, because of the pregnancy we lost last fall. I told my mom first. On my way there I was so nervous, I couldn’t feel my legs. I gave her a little box with some booties and an ultrasound picture. She had absolutely no idea, she cried, I cried. There was lots of crying. Then we headed up to my sister’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. I had a cookie cake made with our announcement on it. I managed to surprise my sister (she saw the cookie first), but let me tell you the rest of my family wasn’t surprised at all! They all had their suspicions. My sister and niece even had a conversation a few days prior through text about how they all thought I was pregnant. They read it to me and I couldn’t believe it. Even if they weren’t 100% surprised, everyone was beyond excited and we cried some more! We are a very emotional family.

Another of my favorites from the second trimester was our gender reveal party that my sister threw for us. It was so sweet and the best way to find out we were having a baby boy. I thought I would share a few pictures, since I hadn’t shared before.

We still have so much to do – pick out a pediatrician, finish the nursery (which we do have painted by the way, thanks to my niece and her husband), maternity pictures – ahhh so much and time is going by so quickly. My next ultrasound is this week and honestly, I can’t wait to see his little face. Oh and speaking of his little face, I’ll get to see it really good in a couple of weeks when I go for a 3D ultrasound!

I’ll keep you all updated 🙂


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