Pregnancy Must Haves … so far

Literally as I am typing this, it hit me that I am almost in the third trimester. HOLY COW! I’ll be 26 weeks in a couple of days and I thought it was probably time I start sharing my pregnancy must haves. At least, thus far in my pregnancy.

1. @bellybandit thighs disguise shorts have been super helpful to keep those thighs from chaffing, ya know. Especially since I basically only wear dresses these days. ⁣I love that these stay put. I had another pair of shorts similar to these from a different brand and I was pulling and tugging at them all day long. I also really appreciate that these are seamless. And oh my gosh are they comfortable.

2. @blanqigirls belly bands because I officially cannot fit in any of my jeans anymore. I wear one of these over my unbuttoned jeans and they stay put and no one ever knows 😁⁣ It works just the same over denim shorts too!

3. Compression socks from @comradsocks because I stand up allll day at work and by the end of the work week my ankles would begin to swell. These keep the ankle swelling down and make my legs feel much better after standing for 8 hours. ⁣I would recommend them to anyone who stands all day long, pregnant or not.

Those are my must haves so far. I feel like a pregnancy pillow is in my near future because I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable sleeping. But I will keep you guys posted on what comes next.


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