Over-analyzing Instagram Posts

Do you over-analyze before you post? Boy, I sure do. // Here’s a for instance — on my most previous instagram post before I posted, I questioned whether everyone was getting tired of seeing this outfit, if three posts of this outfit in a row were too many, if my legs looked weird because they were cut in half, if the picture was too bright or too blue, and on and on and on. Sometimes, I’ll post a picture and then hate it 10 minutes later and post a different picture (cue last night’s picture).

Why am I telling you this? Because I am slowly learning that content isn’t perfect. It just isn’t. And you know why? Because we are HUMAN. And you know what social media needs a little more of these days? Humans being Humans, just like @jakmajor said.

I recently read an article that explained it like this — ‘analysis to paralysis’ — and that hit the nail on the head. Just think of all the creating you could be doing or LIFE you could be living if you weren’t analyzing every single detail of an instagram post. Don’t fall into the trap of content paralysis, like I so often do. You should be posting what you ENJOY and not striving for perfection. Because at the end of the day, it’s just another post. What matters is the LIFE you live, the JOY you have from creating, and the GENUINE connections that are made — those are the game changers.

Cheers to a new year friends!



  1. Gina Kelley
    February 12, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    Preach it, Sister! I couldn’t agree more! I deleted my Facebook account back in 2013 and felt AWESOME! Then I discovered IG which is much better than the Book of Faces, in my humble opinion. IG wasn’t so bad, but DANG….all of the influencers influencing me without me even realizing I’m being influenced! lol
    So I stick with a few that I feel are up my alley. Those realistic posts and honest texts that keep me coming back….that’s how I found your page! Keep up the good work, friend!
    I want to move to Asheville one of these days, but for now, I’m in Charlotte. I love the rust/sienna color pallet you have going on. That’s my favorite color.

    • awesomeonoccasion
      February 12, 2019 / 11:38 pm

      Thank youuuuu so much, Gina! You have no idea how much your comment means to me! Honesty and authenticity is exactly why I am here. I am so glad it comes through in my posts. I hope you can make the move to Asheville someday!

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