Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

You guys, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has begun. At least for cardholders it has. If you’re not a cardholder that’s ok, you can still get a sneak peek at everything that is on sale. and get full access to shop on July 21st. But, if you do want to be a cardholder you can apply today! It doesn’t even have to be credit card, you can apply for a debit card, like me. It is similar to having a Target Red card, where the money is drawn directly from your bank account.

If you’re new the Anniversary sale, this is by far one of the best sales of the year. So many good pieces, particularly for fall are heavily discounted. I know you don’t want to think about fall, you’re loving all things summer right now. But seriously, if there is something you need or want for fall — a pair of new boots, a jacket or a blazer — now is the time. Like myself for instance, I really want a trench coat and I found this Michael Kors one for almost half price! A word of advice, start shopping with certain pieces in mind. If you don’t in can be a bit overwhelming.

Speaking of which, I have scoured all 48 pages (Yep, you read that right — all 48 pages) for you guys and found the best deals on the best pieces. As, if that wasn’t enough, to show my appreciation for you guys, I am hosting a Nordstrom giftcard giveaway over on my instagram account, so be sure to check it out. Happy shopping.




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