No Buy January Recap

Ya’ll it’s February and you know what that means?? I made it through my no buy month! It was a challenge at times (cough* Madewell new arrivals cough*) but looking back it honestly wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Regardless though, I am grateful for the challenge because I learned a lot over this past month. Here are my biggest takeaways:

  1. I have A LOT of clothes — a lot of clothes that I have either never worn or only worn once. And I think I figured out why that is. I have been too busy looking for the next best piece or trying to keep up with everyone else on the ‘gram instead of focusing on my OWN closet. This month has taught me to focus more on what I do have and less on what I don’t. It has also taught me what I like (hint – neutral outfits) and that there really is no need to stray from that.
  2. I LOVE pinning and saving outfits for inspiration. What helped me the most to stick to my no buy was only saving outfits that I could create with the pieces I already had. Doing that made me feel like I had an entirely new closet – mostly because I used those pieces I wore infrequently or honestly, had forgotten about.
  3. Creating outfits only from what I had already, exposed a few gaps in my closet. With that, I started keeping a list of pieces to fill in those gaps. But my biggest reason for my list was to hold myself accountable. I would really like my no buy month to jumpstart a low buy year. I can’t promise #20in2020 but I am sure going to try. I’ll be sharing my list of wanted/needed future purchases soon. I’ll probably continue to add to it. As of right now, there are only 8 pieces but I’ll keep you updated.
  4. Using pieces from my closet has pushed me to try combinations I may not have tried before, had I not had to. For instance, I have always thought about wearing the hoodie + leather jacket combo but I’ve been too afraid, for whatever reason. This month pushed me to try it and I loved it!
  5. I only want to buy pieces that I can wear multiple times, in multiple ways, season after season. No piece of clothing is worth only one wear.

I know a lot of you had mentioned you were trying to do a no buy month and failed. But I am here to tell you any effort to purchase less is a positive! So, keep going! Simply deciding to buy less deserves to be celebrated!

I am excited for the challenge of a low buy year and the opportunity to curate my style and my closet even more. And I am super excited you’re along for the ride!


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