My Low Buy Year List

You may know this already but in January I successfully completed my first no buy month challenge and I learned a lot in those 31 days (you can read more about that here). I had a no buy month for many reasons, with one being to jumpstart a low buy year. Now I am not promisising #20in2020 (20 new pieces in 2020), to be honest that kind of scares me 😅 But I am going to strive for it and certainly to purchase less than I normally do.

Not only do I want to purchase less but I want to become even more thoughtful in the purchases that I do make. And ask myself similar questions to these:

  1. How often will I wear this piece?
  2. How many outfits can I create with it?
  3. Is it something that will serve me well for seasons/years to come?

Thinking about these few and thoughtful purchases has left me with a list of items I want this upcoming year. And I wanted to share that list with you all. Honestly, I wanted to work on it until it was complete, until I had reached 20 items. But then I started thinking … Isn’t that the exact opposite of what I am trying to do here? Why fill up those spots with items I am not even sure I want right now. There is no magic number for me this year, all I know is that I want it to be low. So with that I give an incomplete list, but a list nonetheless, of items I am looking to purchase this year. And if you saw my stories yesterday then you know I have checked off number 1, which was my first purchase of the year.

  1. navy overcoat ✔️
  2. black Converse high tops
  3. perfect pair of destroyed denim
  4. olive trousers
  5. light suede ankle booties
  6. white slip skirt
  7. black tie up boots
  8. black, heeled, minimal sandal
  9. neutral, heeled, minimal sandal
  10. white bodysuit
  11. black bodysuit
  12. black hoodie
  13. minimal trench coat
  14. white loafers

I have a pair of olive trousers and a minimal trench coat picked out + waiting in my cart. I am just trying to make double sure that they are what I want. I think adding something to your cart and coming back to it in a few days is a good way to reflect on the purchase and to curb impulse buys.

I also want to add that when I say ‘perfect’ pair, I mean that it meets all of my wants. (And I have made a list for that too. So, for instance I want a pair of distressed denim with minimal distressing, lighter wash, straight and not skinny.) Ultimately, I don’t want to settle for a pair of pants and then a couple of months later wish I hadn’t have bought them. So, I am on the hunt for the best items for me.

There ya go, that’s my list so far. I’ll keep you updated with items I have added or taken away or purchases I have made. Are any of the items on my list ones you would swear by or is there anything you would add?


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