My First Trimester

Wow am I behind. I wanted to do a trimester update and I am literally almost into my third trimester without even posting about my first. But here goes, because I really want this documented, no matter how late it may be.

First of all I have to tell you guys how we found out. It’s a pretty good story.

In case you didn’t know we had a miscarriage back in the fall. That time when I found out we were pregnant, I did my very best to surprise Bobby. But I wasn’t good enough – he started getting suspicious. Since we had been trying for a while, he was pretty aware of when my cycle came, so he started asking questions. And I am not a good liar – especially when I am nervous. Anywho – I had been using pregnancy dipsticks and peeing in a cup and I had thrown all the cups in the trash in the bathroom, so that really made him think something was up when he noticed them one day. Anyways, a few days later I ‘surprised’ him and he was over the moon. Then just a few short weeks later we lost the pregnancy and it was devastating.

This time around, when my period hadn’t come Bobby again started getting suspicious. But all the tests I had taken had been negative so far and I had thrown them away discouraged. Well, on February 27th he met me at the door when I got home from work and immediately asked if I was pregnant. I said ‘not that I am aware of’ and that was truthful! Well turns out his suspicious self checked the trash because of the last time and he found a positive dipstick! I had not been waiting long enough for them to turn positive. After a couple of minutes if they weren’t changing I was throwing them away because I was getting so discouraged, even though you’re supposed to read them 5 minutes later! I took another one just to make sure and yep it was positive! So Bobby actually knew before I did. How many times does the husband know first??

Morning sickness started kicking in around mid March and I say morning sickness even though it was ALL DAY LONG. I never actually had to throw up I just felt awful and that lasted until May. I couldn’t get on social media, I couldn’t try on new clothes – all of those things made me so nauseous, hence why I was off Instagram for about 6 weeks. It was the strangest thing! But that went away and so far hasn’t returned, thank goodness! Because I don’t know how I could have done that any longer and I had it pretty easy compared to a lot.

It also happened that COVID stress at worked peaked right when I was feeling my worst. That combination made it so hard to get up in the morning, honestly. I guess we’ve all kind of gotten used to our new normal with COVID, but I never imagined being pregnant in a pandemic, especially having to work through it. Oh and no professional announcement photos – because ya know, COVID. So we sat up our tripod in the backyard and took them ourselves.

Okay you guys, that’s my first trimester. I was and still am nervous as heck to have a baby, but I don’t think that will every go away.


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