Madewell Bag Review

Hey ya’ll! This past week Madewell had their insiders event and I managed to grab a couple of new bags during the sale. I am really excited about them and I wanted to share!

one // mini abroad crossbody tote

This little tote exceeded my expectations. I have been wanting/needing a new black bag and I am really excited for this one. It is the perfect size at least for me. I can fit all of my items in there – sunglasses, wallet, phone, keys. I do tend to lean towards the smaller bags but I highly recommend this one for everyone. It would be a great bag for traveling. The only thing I would change would be to make the crossbody strap clip on, so you could carry it by the handle for a dressier look. But that’s it and that is very minor. Keeping this one for sure!

two // simple circle crossbody

This bag was my least favorite and I’m planning on returning it. It looks super cute on, but it is quite flat (like a pancake) and I think it would look strange once your stuff was in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love circle bags. I think if this one had a bit more depth to it, I would have liked it more.

three // mini Lorimer backpack

My backpack wasn’t one of my purchases during the sale, but I figured it’s a Madewell bag review so I might as well include it. I literally carry this thing, e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Just ask my co-workers 🤣 This is also my first backpack so maybe that is why I am so partial to it, but I love how free my arms are. I got the mini version because of course I don’t carry that much stuff. But there is a larger version, which would be great if you needed for travel or mom life. I will add that the zipper was a bit stubborn at first but once I started using it, it quickly loosened up and is no longer an issue.

four // medium transport tote

I have been coveting this tote for years now and I am SO glad I finally took the plunge and added it to my collection. The medium size is plenty big enough for me. My laptop fits, making it quite functional as a work bag. There is also a crossbody strap that comes with it that you can clip on and off.

I happened to make a review for IGTV too, if you’re interested.

Click here for the video

Hope this review aids in all your Madewell bag endeavors.


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  1. emily
    September 25, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    Does the mini abroad crossbody hold a full size continental wallet?

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