Last Minute Halloween Costume

Let me start by saying this, I am a procrastinator, and if you’re like me you’re scrambling around trying to find a halloween costume for tomorrow. By the way, I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween! Time please slow down! Ok, now back to the procrastination part.

I am not a good planner, I always wait until the last minute with everything and stress myself out. Why, you ask? I wish I knew the answer to that question. If you are without a costumer for tomorrow, you’re in luck. I came up with a super easy costume by adding just a few pieces to what I already had in my closet and voila, you’re a mime!

To complete this look all you need is white makeup, a pair of black pants, a striped shirt, suspenders, gloves and a beret. I had everything in my closet except the gloves and suspenders, and obviously the white makeup. I am pale but not that pale. Funny story though, when I was in MAC trying to match my color in the face and body foundation, I was too light for the lightest shade and it was recommended I try the white! Some mime costumes add a red neckerchief, which I think would be super cute with just a long sleeve tee.

Even though Halloween is tomorrow, there is still time to grab the pieces to complete this super cute mime look. Hope you got a little inspiration from this post. Happy Halloween!


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