How to Tie a Half Bow

Half bow sashes seem to be all over the place with all of the trousers and paper bag waist pants + shorts these days. That being said, I wanted to figure out how to tie them dad-gum-it, because I loveeee these pants and how they look with the bow and let’s be honest, this is a craft that will serve me well in the future. Am I right?

It took a little practice but I think I finally figured it out. And I’ve got the step by step for ya right here!

  1. Tie a loop like you’re going to tie a regular bow
  2. Depending on the side you want the half bow to be on, create a loop pointing towards the OPPOSITE side.
  3. Wrap the other piece around the back and pull through at the back
  4. Tighten + position until it is just right

That’s it friends! If you need a video, it’s up on my IGTV!

Click here for the video


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