Hitting Restart

A couple of weeks ago something clicked with me.

I was feeling a bit discouraged with blogging, more specifically with taking pictures. I felt directionless. Taking pictures out in public stressed me out SO much and honestly, when I began this journey I never really planned on taking pictures like that anyways. But I saw everyone else’s pictures on IG, at all the fabulous locations and with beautiful scenery, and I thought that was what I had to do too to survive on this platform.

So I did just that. I went out and about in public and my husband would so graciously go with me to take my pictures. I would spend hours stressing about finding places with few people and a good aesthetic, then worry about getting there at a time when there wouldn’t be any people. And let’s face it, if you’ve been to Asheville then you know those places are few and far between. And if I showed up to a location only to see people there, sheesh – help me.

The majority of the time I took pictures, I was stressed out. If someone walked even remotely near us, I would tell Bobby to wait until they were gone. A lot of times I projected my insecurities onto him, making him stressed. I can’t tell you how many times we left from taking pictures frustrated with each other.

So a few weeks ago I took a little break from posting on IG to do a little thinking. My main goal for posting and blogging is to share outfits. I really do enjoy styling outfits for you guys and especially now that I have found this new versatile outfit niche. I enjoy helping you find your style and make the most out of the pieces you already have. And I realized I don’t need a fancy backdrop or a fancy filter for that. I also realized the process of taking pictures shouldn’t be soul-crushing. It’s supposed to be fun!

And here I am folks. Taking pictures at my home again and you know what? I have enjoyed it exponentially more and I think my husband has too, ha! I’m unsure if you have even noticed the shift in my feed, but I actually feel like I have direction now. I’m continuing to work on new ways to take pictures at home, like my flat-lays and my detail pictures. And I actually look forward to it! But more importantly I’m focusing on the reason why I started this blog again and for that I am so thankful.

Ten months ago I would have felt so ashamed for taking pictures at home, like that was a cop-out and no where near deserving of posting on Instagram. But here’s the thing the super creative pictures in super fabulous locations isn’t my lane and certainly not my purpose and I’m glad I figured that out. While it isn’t my lane, I so appreciate those whose passion it is. Because let’s face it, we need those creatives who push the limits, otherwise it might get a little boring around here.

Now don’t get me wrong, there will still be pictures of me in public from time to time, it’s the days and hours spent stressing over photos that I can’t do anymore. But I am simple person at heart, I always have been. And there is nothing wrong with that. Simple outfits are my thing and that’s what I enjoy. And a simple photo will do just fine.

So take this as a friendly reminder to do you and only you. Don’t think you have replicate others to be successful. I don’t know how many times I have had to tell myself this and I am certain I will have to say it again. But here I am hitting the restart button and it feels good.


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