Funnel Neck Tee

image2-2I have a thing for stripes, they are timeless and so much fun to pattern mix with. I also love layering with striped pieces, so when I saw this funnel neck tee in J.Crew recently I knew I had to have it. I would call this my ‘almost turtleneck sweater tee’ (haha!). It’s thin enough to layer with but thicker than your average t-shirt. I layered mine over J.Crew’s silk pocket blouse. I also love this funnel neck feature. It doesn’t stick tight on your neck like most turtle necks, it just sits up a little higher for a little extra warmth.

          image1-7  image3

Here are those pixie pants again. Guys seriously, these are the best. I can’t stop wearing them, they are so comfy! I am also wearing my leopard pumps again. I love pattern mixing with stripes and leopard. You should try it too! P.S How beautiful is the foliage behind me? I think it’s peak season for fall color in the mountains and I couldn’t be happier to see all the beautiful autumnal colors!



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