Four No-Fuss, Minimal 4th of July Outfits

Planning ahead isn’t my strong suit. As illustrated here with me posting about the 4th of July the day BEFORE the holiday. Oh well. Good thing I’m sharing outfits that I created with pieces that are in everyone’s closet, or at least they should be. Like striped shirts, denim cut-offs, a white dress, white jeans – those are pieces you need to have in your closet. And lucky for you, if you have those pieces I have 4 no fuss, minimal outfits that will be perfect for however you’re spending the 4th.

First of all, let me tell you about this dress. If you’ve got wide hips + a smaller upper body like yours truly, then this dress is made for you. A-line is our friend! I bought a different white-dress from Madewell earlier this spring and it clung to my hips and didn’t make me feel too confident. But this dress is completely the opposite. So flattering!

Literally every item I am wearing is from Madewell minus the white pants from Everlane and my cut-offs from Agolde.

But don’t worry, no need to run out and buy any new pieces. These outfits should be easy to re-create from items you own in your closet. At least that was what I was hoping for.

But just in case, I do have all of my pieces linked below. Happy 4th my sweet friends!


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