Coat Guide: Classics and Trends

If you follow me on social media then you know I am slightly obsessed with coats. For some reason, I feel a coat is the ultimate accessory and basically the only accessory I wear frequently. Less tends to be more with me, that’s my style — simple. I guess Bobby (my husband) lucked out with me not wearing much jewelry 😆. Anyways, back to the coats. I have seriously tried to up my coat game this season, mostly because the coats I have been wanting have been on sale. So, of course, I had to take advantage. That, and because coats are probably my most favorite article of clothing. Given that I love coats so much, I wanted to show you my most favorites and the ones I think every girl needs in their closet.


A classic red coat is a must, especially during the holiday season which is now! I have two, a red top coat and a red buffalo plaid, which is a fun spin on the classic red coat.


Every girl needs a leopard coat. There is a certain feeling when you put on a leopard coat. It makes you feel more confident, more feminine. At least for me it did. I just bought this one, which is almost sold out, so I linked similar ones. I even threw in a leopard vest for ya.


This is my favorite color in a topcoat and absolutely necessary, at least in my book.


A trench coat is a closet staple and the one coat you can wear year long. This is the one I have (less than $100!)


Another classic — whether it’s houndstooth or glen plaid, everyone needs a check coat. Even at the lowest of prices, a coat like this always manages to look high fashion.

Current trend: The Teddy

Its called a teddy coat, need I say more? So soft and plush, I am loving this trend and of course, I bought it in my favorite color right now — rust.

Current trend: Shearling lined

I am also loving the shearling lined coat trend. The lining adds such warmth and character to your jacket, particularly jean jackets.




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