Fall to Winter Wardrobe Transition

Transitioning from fall to winter always seems a bit hard for me. I am not quite sure how to separate the two because many of the pieces in my closet work in both fall and winter. Part of me thinks the transition involves phasing out warm, fall tones and replacing them with the holiday, jeweled hues. But honestly, I’m not even sure all of the fall colors need to be replaced, so that isn’t the answer. The biggest, easiest way to me to make the change between fall and winter is the incorporation of heavier, bulkier fabrics and winterizing your accessories. I’ve got a few tips and easy closet swaps that will have you ready for winter’s coldest months in no time.

  1. Bring out the heavier fabrics like Velvet + Corduroy — I will say that corduroy is a major part of both my fall and winter closet. I simply start incorporating more holiday colors, like red and green and jewel tones. Or I add tights and turtlenecks, or other winter accessories to my fall colors. I also switch out cotton pants for wool or twill.
  2. It does always seem a bit sad to retire my slip on flats for the season, but exchanging them for lace ups like sneaks or oxfords will make trekking in the cold much easier.
  3. Let your ankle booties take a back seat to taller boots — Those knee high boots are a great way to give your legs some added warmth this winter. Opt for a pair of shearling/fur lined boots on your snowiest days.
  4. Layer, layer layer — trade out your t-shirts for thermals and long sleeve tee
  5. Add tights to your mini-skirts or mini dresses.
  6. I am a big fan of turtlenecks, way before winter arrives. So much in fact, I am certain I have way more turtlenecks than any other article in my winter wardrobe. But the winter months mean swapping out my tissue turtlenecks for chunky knit ones. 
  7. Trade out your utility jacket for a furry one — This is a trend I am so excited about sticking around. Nothing will feel quite as cozy on a bitter winter day than a teddy coat, am I right?
  8. Other light jackets may need to take a back seat to fur lined parkas too — like this one.
  9.  Now is the time for that leopard bag you’ve been waiting to carry all year — I recently purchased this one.
  10. Winter accessories like gloves, knit beanies, knit scarves and ear muffs are the perfect way to complete your winter wardrobe.

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