DIY Hat Wall Rack

As of late, I have added a few hats to my somewhat small collection. However, my somewhat small collection has grown just enough to where I need to find a solution to how I store them. Throwing them on my desk just isn’t doing it anymore.

I would like to say I came up with this idea on my own, but we all know Pinterest exists and let’s face it, I am not Martha Stewart. (Shocked, I know.)

My hat wall rack is actually a spin off of a version from the blog called Gypsy Tan. You can read about hers here.

The main difference between hers and mine is that I used a wooden dowel instead of a copper pipe ( I didn’t want to go through the hassle of cutting the pipe) and I used hemp instead of clothes line (because that what I had).

But let’s face it, you could use a sturdy stick if you wanted to — anything that will bear the weight load of let’s say 8 hats. And any sort of string you have — hemp, jute, twine, clothes line.

The only materials I had to buy were clothespins and the wooden dowell — about $6!

Step 1: Measure and cut your twine to the length you like and as many sections as you need. My dowel was 3 ft long, so 3 strands were exactly enough. I also went for mismatched lengths because I had an odd number of hats.

Step 2: Tie each strand to the rod.

Step 3: Cut a piece of string long enough to tie to each end of the rod and create a triangle to hang the rack by.

Step 4: Hand your rack! It took me forever to get this thing centered.

Step 5: Clip your hats to each strand with clothespins. (from what I’ve read the clothespins do not damage the hats.)

and ta daaaaa!


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