#trendreport: Graphic Tees

The writing is no longer on the wall, it’s on the t-shirts.

Perhaps this is nothing new to you. Perhaps you’ve always worn bold tees and you’re wondering why everyone is just now catching on. But in case this isn’t you, graphic tees are making quite the statement (pun intended) in the fashion world right now and you’ll want to get on board.

Not only is this trend here to stay but adding a graphic tee may just be the easiest (and comfiest) way to elevate your outfit. An even better part — you can’t go wrong with how you wear them. I mean it’s a t-shirt, right?

(Click here for the tee I am wearing)

I have recently bought this FRIENDS tee and of course, a Coca-Cola logo tee (only $15!).

But there are so many more that I want in my closet! You can shop all of my favorites below.


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  1. March 10, 2018 / 3:50 pm

    We are graphic tee obsessed right now! Loving all of your picks girl.. may just have to add a few more into my closet now!

    xo, lydia

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