Courtney’s Weekly Thoughts: Installment One

Did anyone else think this was the longest week ever? Well I certainly did. Thank goodness this is a three day weekend. I was so exhausted everyday when I came home from work this past week that I would end up falling asleep before 9 o’clock! So you know what that meant, housework was put off and now I am super overwhelmed with everything I have to do. I am certain that I am not the only one who gets overwhelmed with housework and puts it off as long as possible, right?

As I was staring at my massive to-do list, I thought of something — here I am so concerned about the amount of time I am going to be spending doing housework, but does it really take that much time to do it? I probably spend way more time worrying and dreading than it actually takes to do the chore. With that I decided I was going to time myself and see just how long it takes me to do my housework. Disclaimer: I do not have children nor do I have a large house, so of course, it will take more time with those things factored in. This will all be relative to you and your situation but I was quite surprised by what I found out.

My first chore was to make the bed and when I timed myself it only took me two minutes — two minutes! I spent at least 30 minutes putting it off! Folding the laundry took me 10 minutes, unloading and loading the dishwasher took me 7 minutes! I did all of that in under 20 minutes! And how much time did I waste worrying and dreading?? A whole lot. When you see how relatively little time it takes to do these things, it makes it seem not quite as bad. Here is another kicker for you to think about. How much time do you spend watching T.V. or on social media and how much time do you spend putting off things that are way more important? That’ll certainly put it into perspective.


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