093Hi everyone! My name is Courtney. I am a follower of Christ, a southern girl and a newlywed to my amazing husband. I am also a newbie pharmacist and lately I have felt like I work all the time. I needed a serious break from the daily grind (I’m certain a lot of you know what I mean). So, I created Awesome on Occasion. I wanted this to be a creative escape, a place where I could focus on things that inspire me. It is so easy to become bogged down by our hectic everyday schedules but my hope is that through my posts someone else can see how extraordinary the everyday can be, simply by taking time to focus on what you love.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows my addiction to shopping. I am in no way a model (obvious) or high fashion guru, I simply love styling outfits and being able to express myself creatively through fashion. I like photography and traveling too, and of course, I cannot forget the love for my family and my wonderful husband. I had a thought one day, if all of those things mean so much to me, why not focus on them, focus on the things that make me happy? Sometimes I tend to overlook the extraordinary things in my life and only focus on the “not being able to” or the “I wish I could haves”. With that, I decided to try to find the extraordinary in the everyday and focus on all that makes me happy. And I’ve actually found that there is a whole lot of awesome in my life. And occasionally, I can be pretty awesome too. (That’s how I came up with the blog name. Clever, huh?) So, I’ve decided I am going to take time out of my crazy schedule and focus on moments that bring me joy and take note of my occasional awesomeness. Here you’ll find glimpses into my adventure as a newlywed, fashion addict, and wanderer. I hope you’ll join me.

Thank you so much for stopping by. It makes me so happy to know that someone could be reading this very post and gaining a little inspiration from an everyday life like mine.

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