A Summer Shoe Collection I Am Proud Of

July may almost be over but I have just now mastered my summer shoe collection. And let’s be honest with ourselves, we have AT LEAST another month and a half of sandal wearing weather, so maybe I am actually not too late with completing my collection.

Here’s the deal, I felt like the shoes I had prior to this season, with the exception of my lace ups (which I have had since 2016 by the way) and my birks, were no longer really representative of my style. So I took my time, obviously and found three more shoes that I am super excited about. I am finally able to rotate summer shoes now! And I even got myself a black sandal! I’ll be honest, I cannot remember the last time I had a black sandal that I liked, which would limit my black wears in the summertime. No more, mister! I’m wearing all the black now.

ALL of my shoes are from Madewell (big surprise I know) with the exception of my Nisolo Huaraches (which there will be a styling session of coming up on Wednesday, so be on the lookout!). I bought my typical 8.5 except in the boardwalk slides and the boardwalk bare (black ones) where I had to size up a half size to a 9. Honestly, I want the boardwalk bare in ALL three colors, but I’m trying to resist.

Moral of my story here — Focus on YOUR style, not someone else’s. Especially when you’re trying to develop your wardrobe like I was. And then you’ll have a wardrobe or a collection you’re confident in and one you’ll be proud of.


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