A Few Baby Shower/Maternity Shoot Dress Ideas

Hey everyone! It’s no secret that dresses have been my most worn items since becoming pregnant, at least since my belly started growing. But there are two more dresses I am currently in search of – one is the dress to wear to our baby shower and the other is the dress I plan to wear during our maternity shoot.

I actually ended up ordering this one for our maternity pictures, we’ll see how it turns out. The look I am going for is white and lacy but not too boho. For my baby shower dress, I definitely want blue but I am still searching for the perfect one. While I am continuing to avoid maternity clothes (for various reasons – you can read more about that here) I searched for dresses using words like flowy and tiered and made sure to pick dresses that had forgiving waistlines.

These are the ones I have found and almost all of them are on sale! Most of them are non-maternity with a few maternity ones sprinkled in. I’m hoping one of them will work for me and hopefully for you too!


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