A Day at The Silos

Last month, I was fortunate enough to get to travel with a couple of my best friends to Austin, Texas. We really enjoyed Austin, it was quite a fun city and I would love to go back and explore more. But let’s be honest here, we traveled to Austin as our base so we could visit Waco and ALL the Magnolia things.

For starters, if you’re planning to visit Magnolia, everything is closed on Sundays. Knowing that we visited on a Monday and started our day early (Austin is about 2 hours away). We arrived at Magnolia Table about 7:30am, which ended up working out great! We arrived before the crowds and were seated almost immediately. If you’re curious about wait times, their website keeps a running tab on the wait time (kind of like the Disney app). My advice would be to get there early. Depending upon wait times, they may close their wait list before they closing their kitchen at 3pm to make sure everyone who is on the list gets seated.

We loved everything we ordered! Be sure to get a biscuit with strawberry butter … mmmmmm.

Now that we had our belly full, we were off to spend the day at The Silos. Also, something I didn’t realize before we visited, Magnolia Table is off site from the Silos, but not too far of a drive – about 10 minutes. Just keep that in mind.

When we arrived to The Silos, I was giddy with excitement. Like when I went to Disney. It truly is a magical place.

We looked around a bit, took a few photos, and went right into the Market (where all the merchandise is sold). The doors opened at 9 and it was already packed, especially considering we were there on the first day that their Christmas stock was out.

There were food trucks set up all along the perimeter of The Silos lawn and that was where we had lunch. I had a hotdog and my friends both had grilled cheese. Plus a big ole glass of sweat tea.

We obviously visited the bakery. I mean can you really leave without getting at least one of Joanna’s cupcakes? Well, I walked out with 4 cupcakes, an oatmeal pie, and a cinnamon roll. Just living my best Magnolia life. And it was all so delicious. I am pretty certain that oatmeal pie was the best of my life.

Just a note, the line to the bakery may look a bit intimidating, but trust me they have that thing running like a well oiled machine and you are guaranteed not to wait longer than 10 minutes.

We visited Magnolia Press also, which had only been open for two weeks!

That about rounds up the Silos. I honestly could have stayed there all day. We did visit Harp Designs, the Little Shop on Bosque (her original store) and Spice Village, which is a collection of 60 shoppes in an old industrial building – definitely worth a visit. Parking is limited at The Silos, so we made sure to soak it all in before we left to see the other spots.

If you’re planning on visiting, hopefully this post helps you in your travels. And if you’re thinking about going, I would definitely encourage you to do so. We saw families and people of all ages. The best part – visiting the Silos is free! You only have to pay for what you eat and what you purchase in the shops. I hope to go back one day. Maybe next time Chip and Jo will be there.


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