36 Hours in Nashville

A few of my friends and I traveled to Nashville a couple of weekends ago for one of my best friends birthday’s and I wanted to share our trip with you. It was a short trip and quite a whirlwind, but oh so fun.

Here’s the thing though, I actually had less than 36 hours in Nashville. It was more like 28 hours, but what kind of title would that be? 28 hours in Nashville – that ‘ain’t gonna’ work. So I rounded up for everyone’s sanity and added in a few things I would like to do on a future trip with a wee bit more time. I’ve actually been to Nashville, I think 6 times now and this is my very first blog post. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So there may or may not be some mixing of trips but for intents and purposes this all happened this past weekend. 🤣

We started out for Nashville from Knoxville Saturday morning and arrived about 10am. So, let’s just pretend we had the entire day.

Day one

// Breakfast at Puckett’s \\

I actually ate here on one of my precious trips but they had a stellar breakfast and I would go back no questions asked. I STILL think about their sweet potato pancakes 😋

// Country Music Hall of Fame \\

Okay so this wasn’t this trip either, but I definitely recommend this place. Especially if you’re a country music fan. There are tons of things to see and changing exhibits showcasing certain stars. While we were there they were having the Loretta Lynn exhibit.

// Head to Midtown and have lunch at Bar Taco \\

Our Bar Taco here in Asheville closed so I would have been remiss not to hit up this spot again. I miss it sooooo 😣

// Explore 12 south \\

This is where you’ll find Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s charming southern clothing brand), Five Daughter’s Bakery, Jeni’s Ice Cream, and Imogene + Willie. This street will be bustling but totally worth your time. If you’re really into the murals, the I believe in Nashville one is right beside Draper James. And if you’re there during the summer — Amelia’s Flower truck. But be sure to check their Facebook page to see exactly where they are each day.

P.S. – Five Daughters Bakery had one of my most favorite donuts to date – the cinnamon crunch mmmmmm. And Jeni’s ice cream has my favorite flavor – brambleberry crisp. (and all the happy feelings start flooding back)

// Dinner at Adele’s \\

This place was suggested to us and I am SO glad it was. I’ll be going back the next time I’m in town. They have a farm to table style where you can share sides, so it worked out really well for our large group. I had the duck + Brussels sprouts + sweet potato casserole (which had red pepper flakes in them, oh em gee).

// Broadway \\

Obviously you have to visit broadway at least once. Tootsies is my all time favorite honky tonk on the street (head to the alley so you don’t have to wait in line at the front). We also went to Tequila Cowboy + the FGL House.

Day Two

// Breakfast at Biscuitlove \\

Be prepared to stand in line. But it’s worth it for the food and the experience.

Gulch // Shopping + #whatliftsyou Mural \\

I’ll be honest, I have actually never had my picture taken with ANY of the main Nashville murals. So that’s a must for next time. But this is where you’ll find the wings picture. You know exactly which one I’m talking about. Amiright? Just go to the IG page of anyone who has been to Nashville and you’ll find this picture. It’s literally right around the corner from Biscuitlove.

// Lunch at Hattie B’s \\

I have still yet to go to Hattie B’s and it makes me soooo sad because I hear they have the best Nashville hot chicken and I love me some hot chicken. So if you go, eat some for me!

I have stayed in several locations – Opryland, Germantown, and downtown and my obvious favorite was downtown. We could see the corner where Tootsies is from our hotel at The Renaissance. I would most definitely recommend staying there.

That’s it my friends — the perfect quick trip to Nashville.


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