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Amelia Island: Look 2

Let’s take a moment and focus on this skirt, shall we? The moment I saw this skirt as I was perusing Zara’s website, my jaw dropped and I said “Yessssss, I have found the skirt that all my summer dreams of”. Seriously though, I was that excited. And guess what? It’s a wrap skirt. Big surprise there, huh? So of course I ordered it.

When it arrived, I knew exactly where I wanted to wear it — at the beach, of course. I matched the waves! It was perfect. It is a lovely linen fabric too, so it stays nice and cool and I love the length. I paired it with my white silk cami, but it would be super cute with a crop top. Initially I had bought this cute crop top to wear with it, but was too chicken to follow through. Maybe I’ll wear that outfit when we hit the French Riviera in less than a month. What??!




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