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Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfit

910    Happy Turkey Day everyone. If you’re still in need of an outfit for Thanksgiving, I have one to share with you. I’m certain you can pull together a similar outfit with what you have in your closet, seeing how we’re T-minus a few hours from most of our Thanksgiving meals!

912     921

Pick yourself out a cardigan — go with one in a warm, rich fall color like cognac, mustard, olive. I mean it is Thanksgiving after all. I love the one I am wearing (I’ve posted about it before here). Throw a white blouse on — I’m certain you have a white blouse — or a striped shirt and you’re halfway done. Think smarter not harder my friends.

         925-ps     919-ps

I always love wearing my pixie pants to take my outfit to the next level. They’re better than leggings and they’re not as restrictive as black jeans — I’m going to need extra room in the waist band, let’s be honest. Add a fun pair of shoes like these strappy flats and voila, you’re finished! You can wear a pretty plaid scarf with this outfit too, I just decided to keep my clean and simple. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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